About Me

I am a lifelong New Kadampa Tradition member who is anonymous.

My intention is to create a place where people can discuss the problems they are experiencing whilst trying to be a member of the New Kadampa Tradition and apply Buddhism in daily life.

It is my wish that those who wish for Kadampa Buddhism to be successful will be able to create anonymous profiles using WordPress and be able to come here and speak openly. It is completely secure and if you have concerns you can speak from an internet cafe or library computer.

The New Kadampa Tradition can be successful. But things need to change for that to happen.

Therefore I will provide the starting discussion to initiate change.
Geshe Kelsang does not want to create a religion where he is a godhead. Yet this is what is arising. We need to discuss these things.
Many people feel trapped in very uncomfortable situations.

Geshe Kelsang wants us to experience a joyful path. Yet many of us feel stuck in abusive or immensely lonely places with noone we can speak openly with. This cannot be the outcome. Its not what Geshe Kelsang wants. He didnt want people to be subjected to that. Yet that is how many centers are functioning.

So my articles will present the difficulties to open up discussion. Everyone is welcome to discuss.

Even Steve Cowing, Ringyal, Dekyong, Geshe Kelsang himself can have a voice here because you can simply make an anonymous profile and express your feelings and views without anyone coming back saying “Steve said this” or “Khyenrab said that”. Because noone knows it is you speaking. We are discussing the problem and ideas for solving it without any character assassinations.

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